Others Reasons To Use Us.  Entertaining?

Most of our clients use our maid service for regular visits, but we also clean for other purposes: parties (pre-or post-), seasonal deep cleanings, when company’s sleeping over, post-construction or renovation, asthma and allergy relief and, sometimes, just for a well-earned indulgence!

Here’s why people choose our cleaning services:

People choose us because we…
are affordable…our clients want a house cleaning company that is reliable and consistent that won’t break the bank!

• We look out for your health with green cleaning.

• We take pride in customer service and our work! 

• We thoroughly screen, train and certify everyone who enters your home! 

• We use tested and proven methods.

• We have established standard house cleaning procedures.

• We learn your needs and personal requirements quickly! 

• We comply with federal, state and local labor and tax laws and carry adequate insurance.

• We bring our own maid service equipment and supplies.